Prototype of top down shooter that rises from my first game The objective it's the same: stay alive and destroy as much enemies as you can.

Unlike the other game, where we did only use the mouse to move, now we move with the keyboard and use the mouse to aim and shoot, making this game a true top down shooter.

This is an early prototype and graphics and lots of things will be improved in the future, this is just the core concept of the game.


  • WASD for movement
  • Left Mouse to shoot primary fire.
  • Right Mouse to shoot secondary fire.
  • Space to use a bomb and clear the screen of enemies!
  • Enter to pause the game.


Install instructions

Extract the zip and run the .exe,


Download 13 MB

Development log


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My high score is 40325, beat that nerds!


Thanks for playing the game!

That's a really high score, good job!

But you will have to play more if you want to be number 1! This is my high score:


Challenge accepted, I didn't know I could hit space to activate bombs on my last run!


You are still the king


The game feels pretty good. I really like movement, camera shake and sounds.

However, there is a problem with visuals, as I can't distinct ammo from enemies, they have very similar shapes and doesn't contrast enough to a background. And quake pick up is grey and hard to notice.

Additionally, I suggest adding a little more delay between a player getting damage and restart enemies spawn about a second.

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Thanks a lot for your feedback. This is a very early prototype and I plan to make lot's of improvements based on player's feedback.

I take note of your comments and try to fix them on the next update!

I've made some changes to the game taking into account your feedback. More details here:

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Additionally, there isn't any way to restore ammo for the main weapon. I suggest increasing spawn rate for ammo pickups.

Thanks for your feedback, you are helping me to improve the gameplay a lot. I've updated the game following your instructions. More details here:

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1. It'll be certainly better if you make Escape as a pause button.

2. I can shoot during the pause and make enormous waves of projectiles.

3. I still get more ammo for secondary fire than primary, I how your ammo spawn works? Could you write me in DM on Twitter?

Thanks for the feedback!

Escape button it's used to exit fullscreen by default on the web version. This is why I used enter. I would like to change it to scape but I will have to disable the fullscreen option.

As for shooting while in pause you are totally right! Thats a bug that I discovered yesterday, but thanks for repporting. I was planning to fix it on the next update.

I followed you on twitter but I can't send DM to you. Maybe you have to follow me back? I just started using twitter now and I don't know much about it. When I can send DM I'll be glad to tell you how it works.